Shopping Tips

❤    If you are stressed go Antiquing!

❤    Take your wish list so you don’t forget anything you are looking for.
❤    Be sure your cell phone is fully charged but leave it in the car so it won’t   disturb you, who wants to be woke up during a wonderful dream!
❤    Take CASH because you can usually get a better deal (small bills & change)
❤    Take a small measuring tape, a sample of fabric to match colors & measurements of what you are looking for, a ink pen, tablet for notes.
❤    Leave your purse in the car. Only take your money in with you, so your hands will always be free to pick up glass & check around edges for
❤    Shop for others are well as yourself for Birthdays~Weddings~Christmas
❤    Go down aisles in a different direction than normal. You’re sure to see something you have missed before.
❤    Wear comfortable shoes! Let me say that one more time! Wear comfortable shoes!
❤    Take a water bottle and a small cooler for snacks.
❤    Use a GPS or use a map.
❤    Take batteries in all sizes to be sure that items work and check inside the battery area for corrosion.
❤    Take a small tool set.
❤    Hand wipes for those dirty hands.
❤    Take sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat for when you are at an outdoor sale.
❤    A magnet to see if an item is Brass or not.  A magnifying glass to see small print such as a date.
❤    A flash light for those crack of dawn garage sales, remember the early bird gets the worm!
❤    Wear layers of cloths so as the day heats up you don’t get hot or cold.
❤    Bubble wrap, newspaper or blankets to wrap your treasures and twine or bungee cords to tie your purchase down.  A box to keep items from                  rolling around and breaking!
❤    Take a tote bag and extra plastic bags to carry all your goodies in.
❤    Write me with more tips!